Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide research or written appraisals? If you require detailed information and/or an appraisal of your item, we can do so for a negotiated fee. The fee varies depending on the nature of the item and the type of research and/or appraisal desired.

2. Will you identify my item? We like to be helpful, so if we know immediately what something is, we'll probably let you know. But if research is involved, you can appreciate that we need to be compensated for our time. Please see #1.

3. I understand your policies on research fees and I'd like you to identify/research my piece. What now? Send to us an image and written description, following these guidelines:

Image quality and size

E-mail good quality, high resolution images of both sides. Edit the images to show true-to-life colours. If you don't know how to edit photos, ensure your pictures are taken in sufficient light. Send images as attachments. Images should be in .JPG or .GIF format no larger than 400 K. If they must be larger, please post it to your own website or one of the many free photo galleries on the web and let us know where we can view it. Do not send multiple images (3 or more) or large files they clog our e-mail server and make us cranky.


When you include text, write it into the e-mail message. If it must be an attachment, ensure it is .TXT or .DOC format. Due to the threat of viruses, we don't open .HTML, .EXE or .PDF attachments.

Other information

Include a thorough description of what you see including any inscriptions or engravings.If you are looking to sell the item, include an expected price. We rarely make offers.

4. Great images! Can I use them? Only with our permission. We claim copyright on our images because we put a lot of work into them. We are usually happy to give permission for you to use them in exchange for credit. Please ask. We continue to track otherwise used images (many have embedded signature allowing us to eventually find them if used without our knowledge or consent).

Stock (digital and printed) photographs of high quality (suitable for printing) on white background are available for purchase. Many of our past stocked or currently listed items along with many others can be offered. We maintain very large database of (our own) photographs of various Orders, Medals, Decorations and badges. Please ask. Prices vary with size and scarcity of each individual item. Those images are royalty-free, meaning once purchased you can use them as you see fit (except for re-sale as your own artwork). We maintain copyrights of all images.

Sample # 1 (this is roughly 30% in size of the original and in reduced quality)

Sample # 2 (this is roughly 30% in size of the original and in reduced quality)

Custom backgrounds are possible. Most images were photographed/edited with white background. Numerous, art-styled settings and compositions of selected and rare items are also available.

Formats used: PSD, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, RAW. Note that not all are available in RAW.

Our database contains over 6 thousand (6000) photographs of various OMD's from early 1800's to 1950's.

Please ask about our competitive pricing, we can also provide (generic) samples for print test.

5. Do you do custom mounting and framing? Yes, we do. For all the details, click here.

6. How do I contact you?Please click here to see our contact information.

7. Will you sell on consignment? We may. Please see below for requirements.


We will be happy to assist you in sales of interesting and not commonly available items. Our fees are very competitive at:

- 15% listed value up to $ 500

- 10% listed value from $500 up to $ 1000

- 8% listed value over $ 1001

A flat listing fee of $ 6.00 per item applies immediately and is not refundable if item does not sell.

Upon expressed interest, we'll place you in contact with potential customer. Shipping and payment/payment collection are your responsibility.

Please note that our consignment service is available only to JK Militaria customers (past or present). Duration of listing shall not be longer than 1 (calendar) year, unless otherwise discussed and agreed.

Photographs and images are to be supplied. We will edit them to suit layout of the site (at no charge). Please provide the best quality photographs/scans you can manage; we may request further images as needed. Please let us know if you need assistance with photography/ scanning/ imaging.

Descriptions will be provided and can be altered if you require to do so.  We will not accept requests to list copies, reproductions or otherwise changed/altered (in order to increase value) items.

Commission on sold items will be billed after successful transaction. Paypal payment in Canadian Dollars will be requested and should be completed within 7 days of the sale.

There are no limits to number of listings but we reserve the right to refuse certain items (i.e. articles that are common, very low value, poor condition etc.).

Listings are limited to: Orders, Medals, Decorations, Badges and Insignia only!

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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