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July 2024

Canada: Highlander regiments badges.

Dec 2023

Spain: Cross of swords, order of Saint Ferdinand, 1860 African campaing medal

Spain: Battle of Peracamps 1840 medal, Defense of Hostalrich 1810 medal

Netherlands: Demobilization badge

Kappenabzeichen: Karst Front 1916/17

Latvia: badges


We highly recommended these reference books :

Newly published: 'A Conceição de
Portugal and Brazil. Moeda, Medalhas e Insígnia Honorífica' - Our Lady of Conception
of Portugal and Brazil. Coins, Medallions and Honorary Insignia' by Antonio M. Trigueiros.

See our Portugal section for more information.

'Orders and Awards of the Holy See' by Dominique Henneresse.

See out Vatican section for more information.

'Awards and Medals of Liechtenstein' by Antti Ruokonen.

"Orders of the Netherlands" by Antti Ruokonen, most comprehensive work on the subject in English language.

"Orders of Luxembourg" by Antti Ruokonen

'Orders of Belgium', most comprehensive work on the subject in English language by Antti Ruokonen.


Italian Wars of Independence Medals (dedicated page - accessible from Italian Medals Page)